So you need a Police Check, and you realise the easiest way is to get it lady doing a police check onlinedone online, right?

So your next step is to fill in the Police Check online application form, a simple and easy process with our system! Our national Police Check online service saves you time whilst avoiding the stress of complicated paper forms and long, winding

The Urban Verified online process removes the hassle from your police check application process.

You can receive your Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accredited Australian Police Check for just $44 for employment purposes and $24 for volunteer positions.

lady doing a police check online
  • Begin by completing your application form online.
  • Urban Verified Online is ACIC approved.
  • As we are an accredited ACIC Agency, you can be assured of professional service and data privacy
  • We offer affordable and efficient service online.
  • Save yourself hassle, simply apply online. The cost is just $44 for employment purposes and $24 for volunteering purposes.
  • The application process takes just four simple steps:
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Why Choose The Online Police History Certificate?

By now you already know that the fastest way to get your Police Check is online and all you need to do is begin by completing the online Police Check Application Form.

In all Australian states and territories, to access your background check you will need an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency, of which we are one. It doesn’t matter where in Australia you live, you will still have to follow the same process.

The benefit of completing the process online is that you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by avoiding heaps of paperwork and standing in long lines to complete the forms in person.

The process is affordable, at just $44 for employment required police checks and $24 for volunteers.

An increasing number of employers are requesting a Police History Certificate from prospective employees and whether your employer has asked for it or you’re seeking employment and want to get the police checks out of the way now, the online process is generally easy for anyone to complete and quicker.

By completing the police check online application form, you are minimising your environmental impact by reducing the amount of paperwork generated.