Anyone involved in the transport supply chain or uses road transport services for business. Parties in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ (in addition to the driver) include:

  • the employer of a driver;
  • the prime contractor of a driver;
  • the operator of a vehicle;
  • the scheduler of goods or passengers for transport by the vehicle and also the scheduler of its driver;
  • both the consignor and consignee of the goods transported by the vehicle;
  • the loading manager i.e. the person who supervises loading or unloading or manages premises where regular loading or unloading occurs;
  • and the loader and unloader of the goods carried by the vehicle.

At the end of this online program, you will understand how to comply with the new legislation. You will be able to ensure that you can demonstrate reasonable steps are taken to prevent a breach from occurring in your workplace or as a result of your activities.

There are no limits to the ways in which you can do this. What constitutes reasonable steps will vary according to each individual’s circumstances. You may need to change the way you do business on a daily basis. Taking reasonable steps could include:

  • developing an industry code of practice;
  • use of accreditation schemes;
  • reviewing your business practices; changing your commercial arrangements; and
  • adopting a risk management approach.