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Our company has built and currently manages over 200 WordPress websites and are established expert WordPress Developers. But it hasn’t always been that way! Let’s face it – even though WordPress is THE most used website platform in the world, building and working with it can be SO frustrating!

That was way back in 2006. Now, over ten years later, and having built a multi-million dollar training, e-learning and media company, we’ve recruited and trained WordPress experts to a high level, so even with over 200 WordPress sites we manage, we’ve never had any issues with hacking or security, and many of our own websites, convert sales at over 10% and leads at in excess of 25%!

If you’re a business owner contemplating building, redeveloping, or converting to WordPress, it pays to avoid the many pitfalls of getting cheap back-yarder or offshore developer assistance! It also pays to avoid the many supposedly high-end Agencies that are all too happy to gouge you with exorbitant fees just for using pre-built templates, and delivering poorly structured websites, with no idea about how to get them ranking in Google!

We could tell some sad stories, but we’ll spare you for now!

Read on below to see our reviews, what we can do to assist you, some case studies and examples of sites we’ve built, redeveloped and/or fixed…

If you’re wanting to enhance the security of your website and make sure it is always up to date… click here.

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What our clients say about us

Highly recommendable.
NF84 T.
03:05 20 Dec 23
Highly recommendedAAA+++
23:28 25 Sep 23
amandeep singh
amandeep S.
12:37 05 Aug 23
david cecil
david C.
04:49 04 Jun 23
Convenient and straight forward
Vincent lennox
Vincent L.
04:13 19 Jan 23
well done guys great experience
michael kulucan
michael K.
01:47 12 Dec 22
Professionalism 6 star
Steam Giorgis
Steam G.
05:36 03 Aug 22
Fantastic service, excellent communication by Lydia every step of the way. I would highly recommend this company without hesitation.
S S 41
S S 4.
01:43 14 Jul 22
Lovely staff and didn’t try to rush. Helped make the phone call not stressful
Smiling Assassin
Smiling A.
01:16 18 May 22
A great way to acquire skills and certificates from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.
Derek Tew
Derek T.
02:32 13 May 22
A professional Company with a good attitude making well with in your grasp to achieve a good result.
dreojs 55
dreojs 5.
01:29 01 Feb 22
I did the food safety certificate as a requirement, and i was absolutely impressed with the professionalism, the training, the assessors/educators, the price and the support i received. thanks very much.
Jason Sardie
Jason S.
05:21 20 Aug 21
Very good for improving your existing knowledge and understanding of NHVR logbook requirements
meditation music Rachel Thornton
meditation music Rachel T.
01:16 20 Oct 20

These are some of our knowledge areas

Design and Development

We can develop custom themes, or use existing themes, and modify them to your needs


Building replicas of existing non-Wordpress sites into the WordPress platform


Upgrading outdated WordPress themes into contemporary, mobile responsive themes


Implementation of security upgrades and maintenance protocols


Using plugins and add-ons to make your website function like a Swiss Army Knife


Setting up your WordPress website for effective ranking in Google (SEO)


Integration with other platforms and functionalities including social media platforms


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) so that you get the maximum ROI

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Case Study 1:
Upgrade outdated, non-supported Theme & replicate existing design

Northern Business Consultants

In this upgrade, the old website was in WordPress but used a very outdated clunky theme that was no longer supported. We rebuilt the website using a contemporary responsive theme and as you can see the look and feel of the website is almost identical.

Before: Outdated, non-supported custom theme

Outdated WordPress Theme Before pic

After: Design replicated on contemporary responsive theme

Wordpress Upgraded Custom Theme - After

How can we help you?

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Case Study 2:
Upgrade outdated, non-supported theme & replicate existing design

Extreme Marquees

Extreme Marquees Website Theme Rebuild, Woocommerce customisation and improvements testing

Some impressive reduction in load times! This has resulted in a 77% improvement on bounce rates (15% down to 3.5% across all channels) and an increase in pages/session and average session duration, meaning users are more engaged onsite as a result. Whilst I wouldn’t want to attribute conversion behaviours specifically to the pagespeed improvements at this early point, there was also a 142% increase in transactions and 155% revenue increase coming predominantly from organic and direct channels.

Before: Outdated, non-supported custom theme

After: Design replicated on contemporary responsive theme

Free website audit

We welcome your enquiry or request for a free website audit, by calling our director Peter Cutforth directly on 0416 086 502 or contacting us online.

Case Study 3:
Website migration, optimisation and implementation of security protocols according to best practices.

Lovers & Co

Website migration, optimisation and implementation of security protocols according to best practices.

User experience in was dramatically improved by reducing loading time by 600% (from 6.44s to 888ms). This was the result of a migration into our servers and the implementation of optimisation protocols along with WordPress development best practices.

Before: slow not optimised website

After: fast optimised website

Free website audit

We welcome your enquiry or request for a free website audit, by calling our director Peter Cutforth directly on 0416 086 502 or contacting us online.

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Monthly, maintenance and security service

With our monthly maintenance and security service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website and your customers are safe.

Our service includes the following:


  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups for Files and Database with easy access for restoring
  • Live monitoring and notifications (to our developers) about website updates and security threats
  • WordPress, theme and plugins updates done every week-day and where critical aspects of your site are updated, we do a live check to make sure nothing is broken.
  • Implementation and update of security protocols to minimise security threats
  • Implementation of firewalls and access rules update
  • Monthly support for basic tasks (work less than 15 mins total for the month.  If there are issue that will take longer to fix we will contact you)
  • Just $77/mth incl. GST