Incorporating e-learning into your induction and orientation program has some distinct advantages. The most important is the level of in-built trainee engagement, content consistency, and corporate compliance that e-learning provides. Most corporate induction programs involve new employees and contractors sitting in a room for one or two days (or more!), listening to dry presentations from a seemingly endless array of executive representatives, WHSO’s and Quality Managers! This monthly ritual is a familiar scenario to most executives in large organisations. But for all this work and investment of highly paid resource, how much actual retention and competence can really be demonstrated?

In most cases, trainees simply sign off a form to say they were present at the training. As we say, they were “warm and vertical” on the day, but nothing beyond this is guaranteed!

In contrast, Urban E-learning solutions encourage and support cultural change and evidence of compliance! Our courses are designed with multiple different modalities of learning and assessment, based on important competencies relevant to the topic at hand. We provide easy to respond to online assessment tools such as multiple choice, drag-and-drop, matching of pictures with text, and much more! The results from these assessments are tracked in amazing levels of detail in the “Learning Management System” (LMS) database which is accessible to management 24/7 online!

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