10 Keys to Effective Online Sales and Marketing Material

The benefits of online sales and marketing are undeniable, having become the leading way to market products and services in the world today. However not all online sales and marketing material is successful.

It is a more cost-efficient, convenient and targeted form of sales and marketing but probably the greatest benefit of online sales and marketing is that it allows you to reach a global market, 24/7. This means no matter where you are, even when you’re asleep, you’re still reaching potential customers.

However in order to capitalize on all these benefits your online sales and marketing material needs to be effective and translate into sales. This is where many companies fail and lose out on potential business.Question Mark Chalk

Here are 10 hard questions to ask yourself to determine the effectiveness of your online sales and marketing material.

  1. Does your online material focus on you (the provider) or the prospect? It should be prospect-centric instead of provider-centric.
  2. Is it about “you and your” (ie. the visitor ) or is it all about “me/we” (ie you and your company)? 
  3. Does it present  the value-proposition in a concise way ? This should be done within 3-5 seconds or less.
  4. Is the material easily readable? It should also be supported by emotionally appealing images?
  5. Is the white space properly utilised?
  6. Is there an easy-to-follow conceptual flow?
  7. Does the material present a good “hook” and “story” ? For example raising concerns or “pains” and then offering the solution.   It’s important to detail the benefits and not just the features, highlighting to the reader how the benefits relieve the “pains” mentioned. Then provide clear Call/s to Action (CTA) in multiple convenient locations, guiding the visitor from step to step.
  8. Does the material  sell only the next step? An example would be a Google Ad that is ONLY selling the click, not the service or product offering.
  9.  Is there any social proof provided that is as believable as possible? For example reviews or testimonials from happy customers in the form of pictures, videos or quotes.
  10.  Is there an opportunity to provide risk-reversal? Risk-reversal such as money back guarantees and warranties, together with the social proof mentioned above, conveys the trust-worthiness of the business to the potential customer.

The keys listed above are far from complete, but do provide the basis for ensuring effective online sales and marketing material.Peter Cutforth logo