Pre-Proposal Sending Check List
For fixed scope, you are sending a Proposal which has a specific scope and price, and you have included an ATP
If a range of pricings, you are sending a Pricing Schedule, titles and file names reflect this, and there is no ATP included
If a hybrid, there needs to be clear commentary about the options, and blank option & price fields or option boxes included in ATP
You have checked that the title is correct on the Cover Page?
You have checked that the company name in the footer is correct and spelled correctly?
If the Proposal has an executive summary and scope, do these match, and accurately and clearly describe the scope and any options?
If Andrew has been consulted about this, have you checked that the doc accurately and completely represents what he has provided?
If there are suggested dates, are these crystal clear, and have you covered off whether they will or will not require consultant travel days, and airfares.
If consultant travel days ARE required, have you clearly differentiated consultant travel days + airfares, from the general Travel and Acommodation expenses
Have you checked your email, and confirm that it is brief and it perfectly matches the info in the attached Prop/schedule?
Please confirm that you will send a notification SMS if possible, to the prospect once the email has been sent through CRM.