Featured Construction Industry Supplier – Cabots

Cabots - featured Industry Supplier

Our most recent featured suppliers is Cabots.

Cabots have been clever in their recent marketing campaigns – drawing an analogy between “Skin care” and Deck / flooring care, assisted by their clever 3 step process:
Exfoliate / Nourish / Rejuvenate: Here’s the process from their blog post:


Using a mix of Cabot’s Deck Clean and water in your Cabot’s Deck Hand Bucket, scrub your timber with a Cabot’s Deck Scrub Broom to rid it of degraded timber fibres (the signs of ageing) and dirt. By eliminating the impurities and surface contaminants you ensure a smooth finish when you apply your refreshing deck oil.


Now that you’ve prepped your timber, it’s time to nourish your clean, dry deck with Cabot’s Aquadeck. This water-based product is best applied with a lambswool applicator to ensure there are no streaks, lines or blend marks.

Apply Aquadeck liberally to the entire length of the timber board, approximately 2-3 boards at a time.


Allow two hours drying time between coats. Once your first coat is dry, grab your lambswool applicator and repeat the process for a refreshed, young looking timber. When you’re done, wash your tools thoroughly in water. Wait at least eight hours before replacing furniture on your revitalised deck.

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